The National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC) is a collaborative national voice for women living in rural, regional and remote Australia. Established in 2002, we seek to ensure better social and economic outcomes for women in our rural townships and on farms. The NRWC is a company limited by guarantee and has a board of Directors to guide the strategic direction and governance duties of the organisation.

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"Be Heard, Persuade and Reach Your Audience Webinars for E-Leaders Alumnae


E-Leaders Program graduates are invited to register for a special Alumnae webinar series.

Continue along your leadership journey. Log on to learn and network with like-minded peers.


Tues, 21 June - Social Media Engagement & Reach (1.5hrs)
Tues, 26th July - Comms in the Digital Age (1.5hrs)



·         Register interest by Friday, 3 June

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