The National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC) is a collaborative national voice for women living in rural, regional and remote Australia. Established in 2002, we seek to ensure better social and economic outcomes for women in our rural townships and on farms. The NRWC is a company limited by guarantee and has a board of Directors to guide the strategic direction and governance duties of the organisation.

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Young innovators driving the next generation of ag productivity

The NRWC congratulates the 12 young Australians who have been selected to receive a share of $260,000 in grants to further research that will drive the ongoing success of Australia’s farming future.




Australian Grape and Wine Authority award

Jake Dunlevy, SA

Australian Meat Processor Corporation award

Joanne Hughes, QLD

Australian Pork Limited award

Lauren Hemsworth, VIC

Australian Wool Innovation award

Amy Lockwood, WA

Cotton Research and Development Corporation award

Yvonne Chang, NSW

CSIRO Health and Biosecurity award

Cindy Hauser, VIC

Dairy Australia award

Nadeeka Wawegama, VIC

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation award

Giana Bastos Gomes, QLD

Grains Research and Development Corporation award

Jatin Kala, WA

Meat & Livestock Australia award

Edward Narayan, NSW

Meat & Livestock Australia award

Jock Graham, NSW

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation award

Yujuan Li, QLD





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