Catching up with NRWC News from President Dr Pat Hamilton

2-3 March saw Directors Irene Mills AM, Lisa Shipley and President Pat Hamilton with Karen Tully at the Health and Wellbeing Roundtable in Adelaide working with facilitator, Jeanette Long, and 18 women who flew in from every state and territory to discuss the impact of family violence against women and their children in rural, remote and regional Australia. A report on the outcomes of this meeting is in draft form and will be shared with women, government and industry bodies and communities.


4th March was a Networking the Networks teleconference to discuss the face-to-face meeting later this month.


9th March – Although a holiday, the NRWC Finance Meeting [Treasurer, Alwyn Friedersdorff, Director, Donna Digby and President Pat Hamilton and Financial Manager, Keli McDonald] discussed the quarterly Office for Women financial report. The Federal Government funds the NRWC as one of five Alliances. Each quarter a work plan report accompanied by a financial report must be submitted to ensure the continuation of funds. These reports are scrutinised very carefully by both the government and us – accountability is essential.


12th March – In celebration of International Women’s Day, A CUPPA WITH……. Su McCluskey, CEO Regional Australia Institute was organised. Regional Australia is home to 32% of the nation and provides 67% of our national exports. However, the regions can sometimes be overlooked in terms of research, planning and investment for a sustainable future. Regional Australia Institute (RAI) seeks to develop real solutions to key policy issues though research and an ongoing conversation with the Australian community - another session not to be missed thanks to Kerryn Suttor, NRWC Webinar Coordinator.


16th – 19th March – e-leaders muster in Canberra was an outstanding success. 20 women were selected from 98 applicants to learn more about leadership and advocacy. Feedback includes many comments such as “A brilliant program that would be fantastic to share with each and every rural and remote woman”; “This would be, and continues to be [a series of 8 webinars] one of the most personally challenging and also best learning processes I have been exposed to”. My thanks to Karen and Kerryn for their organisation.


23rd -24th March – 2015 International Rural Women’s Conference in Adelaide – the NRWC was a Crystal supporter of this event. President, Dr Pat Hamilton [SA] who organised the Conference Program for this event, was supported by presentations from Director Noela McLeod [VIC] and NTN AG members, Renee Fiolet [VIC] and Sandra Ireson [NSW], session chairs, Irene Mills AM [WA] and Alwyn Friedersdorff [TAS] and delegate Director Donna Digby [NT]. Our banner was proudly on show!


25th -27th March Director Alwyn Friedersdorff attended the Australian Local Government Women’s Association Conference in the Barossa Valley. The NRWC supported a morning tea and Alwyn drew a raffle. The NRWC continues to support member organisations’ events where possible.


31st March - 1st April – The Networking the Networks Advisory Group met face-to-face in Brisbane. This is the NRWC’s communication ‘arm’ and continues to strengthen and to reach and to engage rural, remote and regional women through our Newsletter, Blogs, FB and Twitters. Each state and territory is represented – Jo Fulwood [WA], Tahnee Thompson [NT], Carla Keith [QLD], Sandra Ireson [NSW], Renee Fiolet [VIC], Alwyn Friedersdorff [TAS], Nat Sommerville [SA] under the Chair, Pat Hamilton [SA] and supported by Coordinator, Karen Tully [QLD], a group of energetic, skilled and knowledgeable women.


We encourage everyone to sign up to the NRWC newsletter to keep abreast of what is happening in the rural, remote and regional space.  Encourage your friends to visit


So busy… as we continue to “spread the wings’ of rural, remote and regional women.


Warm regards,


Dr Pat Hamilton

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